Building a home is no easy task, and it takes a hell of a lot of experience to pull off just the right blend of uniqueness and durability that C&M, South Carolina home builders has provided over the years.

It’s not just about propping up a bunch of walls and slapping on a roof; your home is your castle, and with the right dedication, you can create an environment that is unlike any other, one that suits your specific needs. Carroll Bishop and his team of highly qualified South Carolina home builders are no push over; they walk you through everything from site identification and preparation, all the way through cost effective management, and give you a clear map of the entire builder’s program. Bear in mind that this is your home, and you need it to be just right-no rush, no half-ass task manager. You need someone who will build it like it was their own, and ensure the utmost precision, as well as attention to detail.

What sets C&M apart? These South Carolina home builders are backed by an impeccable builder’s portfolio. With thousands of houses to their names, Bishop and his crew are known for their inimitable creativity, their high sense of professionalism, and their unwavering sense of promptness. They work on a tight deadline, despite which, they are ready and able to build homes for many South Carolina faithfuls. From foundation to finish, you are in good hands, and you can be sure that by the time it’s all over, your expectations will have been reached, and possibly exceeded.

What to expect. Top class value just about sums that up. It goes way beyond your home here. Some construction companies just build you a home and leave you to deal with all the debris. Not C&M though; these South Carolina Home builders ensure that your home and the surrounding environment are in perfect harmony, with the finishing, the floor plan, and the custom décor all blend into one perfect piece. They also help you make a better plan of action-how, well you probably wouldn’t want to start a house without a specified estimate of what it might cost; C&M construction helps you to figure out just how much you are going to be spending, and allowing you to plan accordingly.

Specific value items There also some extras that come with going sub contracting C&M to build your home. One-stop shopping; at C&M you get everything from plumbing fixtures to floor tiles and countertop finishes. You can literally customize your entire home with purchases from one location! Real time lot selection and review, as well as a quicker turn around time in terms of site design and preparation for the subsequent building process. You also get a clear picture of the cost, and an oversight of the entire process, with a monthly duty cycle report system. You also get a follow up plan after construction-usually on an annual basis; this is where C&M reviews client satisfaction, as well as a review of the entire home for the purpose of ensuring that you are living in your dream house.