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Building a home is no easy task, and it takes a hell of a lot of experience to pull off just the right blend of uniqueness and durability that C&M, South Carolina home builders has provided over the years.

It’s not just about propping up a bunch of walls and slapping on a roof; your home is your castle, and with the right dedication, you can create an environment that is unlike any other, one that suits your specific needs. Carroll Bishop and his team of highly qualified South Carolina home builders are no push over; they walk you through everything from site identification and preparation, all the way through cost effective management, and give you a clear map of the entire builder’s program. Bear in mind that this is your home, and you need it to be just right-no rush, no half-ass task manager. You need someone who will build it like it was their own, and ensure the utmost precision, as well as attention to detail.

What sets C&M apart? These South Carolina home builders are backed by an impeccable builder’s portfolio. With thousands of houses to their names, Bishop and his crew are known for their inimitable creativity, their high sense of professionalism, and their unwavering sense of promptness. They work on a tight deadline, despite which, they are ready and able to build homes for many South Carolina faithfuls. From foundation to finish, you are in good hands, and you can be sure that by the time it’s all over, your expectations will have been reached, and possibly exceeded.

What to expect. Top class value just about sums that up. It goes way beyond your home here. Some construction companies just build you a home and leave you to deal with all the debris. Not C&M though; these South Carolina Home builders ensure that your home and the surrounding environment are in perfect harmony, with the finishing, the floor plan, and the custom décor all blend into one perfect piece. They also help you make a better plan of action-how, well you probably wouldn’t want to start a house without a specified estimate of what it might cost; C&M construction helps you to figure out just how much you are going to be spending, and allowing you to plan accordingly.

Specific value items There also some extras that come with going sub contracting C&M to build your home. One-stop shopping; at C&M you get everything from plumbing fixtures to floor tiles and countertop finishes. You can literally customize your entire home with purchases from one location! Real time lot selection and review, as well as a quicker turn around time in terms of site design and preparation for the subsequent building process. You also get a clear picture of the cost, and an oversight of the entire process, with a monthly duty cycle report system. You also get a follow up plan after construction-usually on an annual basis; this is where C&M reviews client satisfaction, as well as a review of the entire home for the purpose of ensuring that you are living in your dream house.

Consider Growing to a Public Company

Conquer the fear! Consider growing to a Public Company
It is not uncommon for many small business owners to shy away from expansionary decisions, or even think of going public. Why? Most of these business owners are scared of the outcome of growing large, and often attribute this fear to the “high risks involved.” Well, the whole idea of business is risk taking, so why indulge in it in the first place, if you choose to give up so soon? In fact, the truth is, small private businesses and partnerships tend to be at a higher risk of failure. For instance, in the event of a sudden downturn in business activities in a certain industry, larger public companies can easily diversify their resources, and invest in other sectors that are more promising, while small businesses would definitely crumble if such periods become severe and persistent, due to lack of funds. The point here is; the benefits of being a public company are much more than to what meets the eye.

Public companies are those that have the right to request for funds from the general public, usually in the form of selling shares. This is possible when the company is being listed on the stock exchange market. There are many advantages of being a public company:

When a company goes public, it shows a sign of maturity and responsibility. Public companies are liable to many shareholders who are equally owners and share holders at the same time. This results to some level of consciousness in the companies dealings, and the company is compelled to maintain certain high standards in their operations, which in tend to boosts their productivity and returns.

Public companies tend to build a lot of trust with its clientele. The general ideology is, if investors can trust the company with their finances, then the consumers can equally count on them for quality products.

Most companies who grow public tend to realize a drastic reduction in cost. This is because they benefit from larger trade and cash discounts on their purchases, since they have the ability to make larger orders and pay promptly, due to more available funds.

Due to easily accessible capital, public companies can employ very qualified and skilled executives for their companies, who have the potential of using their skills and experience to fetch more returns on the companies’ investments.

Business Networking Tips

Business Networking is a very specific type of networking that requires a certain amount of focus. It also requires a dedicated mindset. This type of networking is done by those who are business minded and are not simply employees, but entrepreneurs.

Everyone is a Potential Client
Those who are serious about business networking see everyone as a potential client. If they don’t, they aren’t doing it right. Even the silliest person on the Internet knows contacts who could lead to a huge deal. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth type of marketing.

Don’t Mix Business with Pleasure
Everyone has a fun side that they like to share with their friends, but anyone who is involved in business networking really needs to be picky about how much of that side is exposed. Because of this, personal accounts and business accounts should be kept separate. Potential clients don’t really want to know about relationship or family issues as much as they want to know that they have found the right person or business for the job.

Actions Speak Louder than Words
Anyone who is actually good at what they do doesn’t have to brag about it. In the world of business, results truly do speak for themselves. To this end, business networking involves as much showcasing of completed projects as it does making new contacts and maintaining old ones.

Learning is a Lifelong Process
When clients know that the people they are interested in are continuously trying to hone a skill, they take those people seriously. Entrepreneurs don’t just learn from taking business classes and going to seminars either. They mentor others, offer tidbits of what they have learned, and sometimes even leave hints concerning new knowledge or current progress on a project.

Effective business networking yields results and can sometimes do so at an amazing rate of speed. As long as the business can do what clients are looking for and demonstrate a dedication to the topic at hand, the business networking end of things becomes second nature and provides the backdrop for the actual business itself.

Zugme and Microsoft Great Minds Think Alike?

About a month ago, in April 2013, a new video was posted on YouTube talking about a new social media network called Zugme. A network that brings together people of all color, age and gender while allowing members to see only content that they wish to see and decide what and who to share it with. The tagline of this new social media is “All people. One media” and it seems to describe it really well.

My take on Zugme is that it is a well thought and executed platform. As a frequent user of social media, I really liked the blogging opportunities it offers. Zugme pushed the limits from regular blogging you are used to find on Google+, Tumblr and so on. What Zugme did differently is implementing a two-dimensional concept where content is tied to a topic and/or a geographical place (a city). The entire public content is somehow linked allowing bloggers to be part of the traffic. Speaking of blogging, I was super excited to see the audio blogging, which in my opinion will change how social media works. Thank you Zugme. I wonder if Facebook and Google+ will wake up and ‘borrow’ that concept from Zugme.

Another feature I really like is thatyou can set your language preferences so I don’t get bothered with the content written in languages I do not understand. On the other hand, those of us who speak multiple languages, like me, can enjoy seeing the posts in its original language. Thank you for that too.

Enough of me telling you what Zugme is. Do some research on your own. I wanted to tell you about this video and idea behind it.

Zugme introductory video starts with the words “Imagine a social media when you, I, and other people share information about almost anything but see what matters to each of us…” The 30 seconds spot ends with the words “Stop imagining. Experience it now. See you at”

Not more than a month later, Microsoft, the huge behemoth, came out with a new video of their own which was posted on YouTube as well to advertise their new tablet called Surface. Now, it is a completely different (cool) product, which is meant to do other things, but surprisingly it starts with the words: ”Imagine you only had to carry one device. A device with the speeding capability of a laptop but the size and touch of a tablet…”
And how does it end?
“Now stop imagining. Click in to Microsoft Surface. One device that lets you do so much more.”
Really? The same concept? Almost the same wording? Hey, Zugme! You are in good company when Microsoft thinks the same way you do.

I wonder what the account executives in the world of “Mad Men” would have to say in a situation like that? Would they say that “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”? Or would they say that “Great minds thing alike”?